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Lawn Care Tips Year Round

Lawn Care Tips Year RoundMost consumers want to have a great looking lawn that is the envy of their neighbors. It is actually not that difficult or that expensive if you follow a few lawn care tips and are consistent about looking after your lawn. We put together a list of lawn care tips year-round that will help to ensure that your lawn not only looks great in the summer time, but all year long. It may take a few months for your lawn to respond, but it will be well worth it and you will have a lawn to be proud of. The following are our list of lawn care tips. If you have some to add, please leave us a comment and we will be happy to add them to our list.

Lawn Care Tips Year Round

Water Deeply – When you do water your lawn, water deeply delivering at least one inch of water to the lawn. You can measure the water, by leaving a small pot or can where you are watering. When there is an inch of water in the pot, it is time to stop. You can also use this same pot to monitor how much water your lawn is getting when it rains.

Water in the Early Morning Only – to avoid mildew, mold, and fungus that can damage your lawn from overnight watering. Watering during the hottest period of the day will mean that you lose a lot of moisture to evaporation which is really just a waste.

Mow at a Higher Setting – to provide more protection for the roots, reduce evaporation, and reduce the ability of weeds to get started. It will not eliminate the weeds, but there will be a lot less of them.

Keep your Mower Blade Razor Sharp – A sharp blade cuts the lawn rather than tearing the blades of grass. It is healthier for the grass and it also looks better as well.

Watch for Signs of Insect Damage

As soon as you suspect damage from insects, act on immediately to avoid losing your lawn. Chinch bugs and grubs are a common problem that can ruin a great looking lawn within a week. Grubs also attract animals that will dig up your lawn causing even more damage.

Watch for Signs of Summer Lawn Disease – Same applies, act quickly. Take a sample to your local garden specialist to see what the disease is or look it up online and apply the correct solution.

Remove Weeds – A thick lawn makes it hard for weeds to get started, however there will always be some. If there is just a few, 5 minutes once a week of handpicking will keep your lawn free of weeds. You may also revert to chemicals if needed, however, follow the precautions stated on the package when using pesticides of any kind.

Remove Debris – Never leave debris on the lawn since it will suffocate the lawn and possibly kill it. Leaves are notoriously bad for a lawn so you will want to make sure they are all removed before the winter sets in.

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