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Best Lawn Care CompanyFinding the best Lawn Care Company is a compromise for many people. Between what services will be provided, what those services will cost, and what they are willing to pay for! There is also a question of how well they do their work. Do they keep their schedule and how well do they clean up? Some consumers are just not that fussy. While other consumers want every blade of grass removed from the patio after the lawn has been cut. Those people who are not that picky,  just want someone to look after their lawns. They want to make sure that it is cut and trimmed once a week whether it is needed or not. We will discuss each of these in more detail.

Price and Services for the Best Lawn Care Company

Part of finding the best lawn care companies is comparing the price they are charging for a specific set of services with other lawn care companies. When you ask for quotes try to ask for exactly the same services from each. It makes it much easier to compare bids this way. If a lawn care company offers extras these can be considered bonus items as part of your comparison. Stick to the core services that you are interested in. Only compare these core services to ensure that you can make an apples-to-apples comparison.

Focus on the core services you are looking for first. Then add in any extra services they might provide as part of their standard service offering. Always obtain these offers in writing so that there is no misunderstanding later on. There is more than services and price when it comes to comparing lawn care companies. Read on for more information. Ask for references and call or visit some of these references to get some input from these referrals.

Quality of the Lawn Care Services

Do they trim the edges of your lawn? Is the grass cut evenly? Do they trim carefully around shrubs and other items on your lawn? Do they sweep or blow the grass cuttings off your step, patio, and sidewalk? Some customers prefer the lawn clippings to be bagged and disposed of, which takes additional work compared to mulching the grass with a mulching lawn mower.

However, if you choose to mulch you may have to have the grass cut more often, particularly if it is fast-growing. Mulching the lawn is a great approach since you do not need to bag the grass clippings, however, mulching works best when the grass has only grown approximately one inch. It is easier on the lawn mower, it is easier on the lawn itself and the blades of grass are cut up into smaller pieces as well. If they do all of these things and more then you are probably receiving really good quality lawn care service!

Satisfaction for What You Pay

Regardless of how much you are paying for lawn care, if you are ultimately satisfied with the services, the quality, and the price then you probably have the best lawn care company for your property! For many people, satisfaction means a healthy really great-looking green lawn and no work! They want to be the envy of the neighborhood and not just have someone come and cut the lawn for them. The writer looks after his own lawn and recently we had several people ask us who we got to look after the lawn. They were quite disappointed to find out that we look after it ourselves. It meant that they would have to look after their own lawn if they wanted grass as nice looking as ours.

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