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Lawn Treatment CompaniesAlmost anyone can set up lawn treatment companies these days. All you really need is a small truck, a lawnmower, an edger, a sprayer, and you are ready to go. In fact, one company that we know of provides excellent service from the trunk of his car using exactly these tools. He also happens to carry with him a rake as well and extra paper bags in case any trimming is needed. While it did not take much for him to get set up, he provides excellent service. His customers are very happy with what he provides.

He purposely keeps the number of customers to a small number, less than 10 so that he has time for other activities. It just so happens that this contractor is retired. He was looking for something that would give him some exercise, get him outdoors, and make a little money at the same time. His small lawn care treatment company meets those objectives!

However, not everyone has a pension to rely on and needs a lot more than just 10 customers. They need to turn it into a business that is thriving and makes sufficient income to provide a comfortable living. Once you make the decision to expand, more equipment is needed. Adding staff is another issue that must be taken into account. Not for my friend, but then he is in a unique situation.

Large Lawn Treatment Companies

Not everyone wants to set up a company like this. Not everyone wants to deal with a small company. There are many companies that have become quite successful and provide excellent lawn care services. They will have many crews working every day. These companies will provide lawn cutting service, edging service, weed control, reseeding, and lawn repair if needed. They may also provide insect and grub control as well to help the customer’s lawn stay healthy and green.

The consumer needs to decide which services they plan to use and more important which ones they need. Not everyone wants their lawn edged every time the lawn is cut. Not everyone needs weed control or insect control. Fortunately, these companies have tailored plans for every customer’s needs. They will also provide quotes to the customer for specific services if needed. The company is in the business of lawn care treatment. They want to make sure they have a healthy lawn and a satisfied customer.

What Lawn Care Services

When you interview a lawn treatment company, be specific about the services you need. Be specific about the price along with the timing of when the services will be offered. Get all this written down on a quote so that there is no confusion. Make sure that everyone is clear on the services that are being paid for. It will save confusion and disagreement for everyone in the long run.

For example, your lawn may not be cut every week if it does not grow enough. Although the lawn may look untidy and not that manicured look that we all like to have, if the grass has not grown enough, lawn car companies may not cut your lawn for two weeks. This can actually be a good thing. If your lawn is not growing it probably is not getting enough water. A longer lawn will protect the lawn and keep the little moisture that is left in the ground where the roots can get at it.

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