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Tee Time Lawn CareTee Time Lawn Care! What do you think the title tee time lawn care, really means? When I saw this title I decided to write about a friend of mine who makes sure that he always has time for tee time. He also maintains lawns around the neighborhood. He has about seven or eight contracts that he looks after. This includes cutting lawns, trimming hedges and shrubs, raking leaves, adding fertilizer, and generally maintaining the lawns in premium shape. Some couples go to the cottage for the summer and need someone to look after their lawns for them.

Others cannot do the work themselves any longer. They appreciate having a reasonable contractor to do the work for them. However, my friend has his priorities and one of these is playing golf.

Stick to a Schedule

He maintains a schedule each week, where from Monday until Wednesday he cuts and trim lawns rain or shine. Thursday he does all his appointments with his wife, going to the doctor, getting his haircut, or having maintenance completed in his car. On Fridays Saturdays and Sundays he’s at the golf course for tee time at as early as six in the morning to enjoy a beautiful day at the golf course and the 19th hole of course.

My friend of course is retired. He can afford to schedule his week in such a way that he manages his daily activities and meet the kind of schedule that he would like to have when he’s retired. If the weather is really bad, he will reschedule some of the lawn cutting and trimming.

Weather Does Not Stop Him

Quite often if the weather is bad, showers, for example, he will still cut lawn and trim grass regardless. It makes for a not so fun job during those days. He would rather do this kind of thing for exercise and being outside, instead of going to a gym and exercising on a boring treadmill machine or some other piece of equipment. Even with the bad weather, this is still better than going to the gym.

His philosophy in life is to do things that he enjoys and build and exercise at the same time. He loves to be outdoors, he knows that he needs exercise. There is also pride in creating a beautiful lawn landscape. He is more interested in having a great looking lawn for his customers than making a lot of money. He gets paid for his time, but it is not a huge amount which is still just fine for him. Financially he is way ahead of the game when you consider that he is getting exercise, he is outside, he is getting paid for what he does and he does not have to pay for a gym membership.  Memberships at a gym can cost anywhere from $50 to $100 a month whether you go or not. He does not need to pay that at all during the spring, summer, and fall. In the wintertime he heads south and golfs almost every day. This is a pretty good life if you ask me.

Cutting and Trimming

Cutting and trimming lawns provides and meets all these requirements and he plans to do this for as long as he possibly can. All of this exercise and outdoor activity serve to help him stay fit and he does not need to go to the gym, which he hates with a passion. I must admit that I would much rather work at something outside compared to working out at the gym. One of our neighbor’s kids will not even help his father with things around the home, but he spends time at the gym getting exercise. I think he needs an attitude adjustment.

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