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Water Insoluble Nitrogen

Water insoluble nitrogenA high percentage of water-insoluble nitrogen means that fertilizer is less likely to burn the lawn after application. But fertilizers with more than 30% of insoluble nitrogen are basically slow release. Between 15% and 30% are medium acting. Any less than 15% are considered fast-acting fertilizers. As a result, gardeners prefer Slow-release fertilizers They avoid lawn burn after application. Use fast-release fertilizers to hasten green-up of lawns.

Water Insoluble Nitrogen

In order to determine the actual percentage, it is necessary to do a little arithmetic. For example, if you have a 25-3-7 formula fertilizer with 7.6% of water-insoluble nitrogen, multiply the 7.6 by 100 which equals 760. Divide the 760 by the total percentage of nitrogen shown on the bag. In this case, dividing 760 by. 25 equals 30.4%. Thus 30.4% of the nitrogen is in fact insoluble.

This example would mean that you’re fertilizer is at the high end of medium acting fertilizer. Heavy concentrations might cause some burning of your lawn. Always use a spreader to apply fertilizer to your lawn. Spread lightly and use several applications that crisscross your lawn. Instructions on the fertilizer bag will help to ensure that consumers avoid any chance of burning their lawns.

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