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Complete Fertilizers

Complete fertilizers Water insoluble nitrogenComplete fertilizers are those that contain all three of the primary nutrients. Complete fertilizers require Nitrogen, phosphorus in the form of phosphoric acid, and potassium in the form of potash. These three elements are prominently displayed on every bag of fertilizer. The first number is nitrogen, the second is phosphorus, and the third is potassium. An example is 24-4–8.  Remember to always spread fertilizer evenly. Avoid heavy applications or concentrated applications. This is particularly important if you are using soluble fast-release fertilizers, which can quickly burn your lawn in substantial concentrations.

Complete fertilizers

These numbers state the percentages by weight of nutrients in the bag compared to the total contents of the bag.

A 3-1-2 ratio of nutrients has proven to be generally good for fertilizing home lawns. However, factors such as local climate, soil conditions, and the form of nitrogen in the fertilizer influence what is best in various locations. A fertilizer with a 3-1-2 ratio could, for example, have a formula of 21 – 7– 14. Although it is not critical for a fertilizer to have exactly this ratio, something close to it is recommended. A higher nitrogen ratio of six – one –two is common.

For proper application follow the directions on the label.

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