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Tips for Selecting a Lawn Mower to Meet Your Needs

Tips for Selecting a Lawn MowerSummer is just around the corner and it is time to begin thinking about selecting a lawnmower that you need to keep your yard and grass looking great. We have put together a few ideas and tips to help you make the decision regarding which lawn mower will best fit your needs. There are many different manufacturers, sizes, types, and features that can be considered. Take a look at some of our thoughts about how to select a lawnmower.

Regardless of when you are planning to buy, whether it is now in the spring or later in the summertime, we thought that these tips for selecting a new lawnmower would help you when it comes time to make your selection.

Selecting a Lawn Mower

Also, refer to our previous post, find the best lawn mower for your money, to help make your decision. Here are a few ideas about making your selection.

  • Mulch, Grass Catchers, or Spread Cuttings on the Lawn
  • Narrow vs. Wider lawn Mowers
  • Large Lawn Areas really need Gas Machines
  • Focus on the Basics you need and add Bonus Features
  • How Much Physical Effort can You Handle?

Mulch, Grass Catchers, or Spread Cuttings on the Lawn

Many lawn mowers come with all 3 options, however, some do not so it is important to decide which cutting option you need for your lawn. Mulching is by the far the best since you do not need to bag or rake the grass cuttings and the grass cuttings will disintegrate and re-fertilize your lawn as they are absorbed back into your lawn. If you have long grass, mulching typically does not work very well, so you will need to either bag your grass clippings with an attached grass catcher or rake the lawn afterward, neither is fun to do especially the raking part.

Narrow vs. Wider lawn Mowers

The wider the lawnmower, the more quickly you will finish cutting the lawn. A wide lawn mower can save a lot of time, however, many people forget the fact that they need to store their lawn mower somewhere, and if your garage is small, you need to take this into account.

Large Lawn Areas really need Gas Machines

Electric machines work well on small lawns and you do not need a long extension cord to mow these lawns. Rechargeable lawn mowers are now available, however, you want to make sure that you can cut the entire lawn on one battery charge! Most people will find that they are better off with a gas-powered machine on large lawns, simply for the flexibility and no need to make sure that the battery is charged or trail a long cord along after you.

Focus on the Basics you need and add Bonus Features

Electric vs. Gas; mulching, grass catching and/or spreading grass clippings on the lawn, size of lawnmower, reliability, reviews from other customers, and of course price are the important basic elements that you should be considering. Make your decisions about these and then give some thought about other features that you may be interested in.

Features such as auto choke, propulsion systems,  folding handles, and other features too numerous to mention depending on the manufacturer and the size and price of the machine you are considering.

How Much Physical Effort Can You Handle?

If you have a large lawn, you may want to consider a riding lawnmower. Or at the very least a self-propelled lawnmower. I recently purchased one, not because I needed a self-propelled lawnmower, but because the price was so good. Anyway, it is front-wheel drive and very easy to steer and makes grass cutting a pleasure.  All you need to do is walk behind it and steer. No need to push it up hills or in difficult areas. You let the machine pull you along at its own speed. This is something to consider if you need help with your lawn or do not want to push your lawnmower around a large lawn area.

Selecting a Lawn Mower – Summary

Spend a few minutes thinking about which features are the most important for your personal situation. Then look for the best deal across several vendors.

Hopefully, these tips will help readers make decisions about which lawn mower to purchase, whether you are taking advantage of the sales in the spring or picking one up in the fall before the winter season begins. For more thoughts and ideas about buying a lawnmower, click here.


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