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Find the Best Lawn Mower for Your Money

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Find the Best Lawn Mower for Your MoneyThere are lots of features to choose from when it comes to buying a lawn mower. They are an expensive purchase so you will want to select the best lawn mower for your money. We decided to write this post to help you make your decision and provide some thoughts to help you chose the right machine for your needs and for your money. Find the best lawn mower for your money. The first step is to figure out what features are must haves and those that are nice to have. The second step is to establish what the regular price is for a lawn mower with these features and then watch for sale prices before you make a purchase.

Finding the best lawn mower for your money is more than the cost. You want to find the right lawn mower that meets your needs, with a good reputation for reliability and service at the best price you can find. Part of this decision is to make sure you make the right choices for features that will meet your needs now and in the years to come.

Find the Best Lawn Mower for Your Money

Basic decisions include:

  •  Gas or Electric
  • Hand start or Electric start for gas models
  • Self propelled or push lawn mower
  • Lawn  size
  • Storage location
  • Watch for Sales

Gas or Electric

Many people are pretty focused on electric machines, either the rechargeable battery type or those that trail a long cord and plug into the outside wall outlet. They want to protect the environment and there is certainly nothing wrong with that. There is certainly less pollution in your area and you do not need to worry about storing gasoline and oils which is obviously better for the environment in your area for sure.  However if your electricity is generated by a local coal plant or oil-fired plant then you may not be really not improving the environment too much. Something to consider.

The other major issue is to make sure that the rechargeable battery on your lawn mower is sufficient to cut all of your lawn, otherwise you have to recharge before you can complete cutting your lawn or purchase another battery. If you have the chord type, you also need to ensure that the chord will be long enough for your particular yard. Depending on your assessment, you may choose a gas-powered lawn mower.
Hand start or Electric start for gas models

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Self propelled or push lawn mower

You will definitely enjoy a self propelled lawn mower however it can be a bit if overkill if you have a small flat lawn. You will pay more money for one of these machines than a standard push lawn mower. It really comes down to the size of the lawn that is being cut and whether it is flat or not vs. how much work you want to do vs. your pocket book. It is a really great feature and more and more lawn mowers are being made available with this feature.

Lawn  size

Wider , larger lawn mowers will save you time when it comes to cutting the lawn. It is as simple as that, however they also cost more. If you have a small postage stamp size lawn, don’t waste your money on a large lawn mower. If it takes you 3 hours to cut the lawn every weekend, you will really appreciate the larger wider cut and the time it saves.  Also it is time vs. how much money you want to spend.

Storage location

I like to store my lawn mower in doors which in  my case means my garage. I can get it in with two cars and a snow blower so I am ok. However I also have an average size lawn mower. Any larger and I would have a problem finding a place to store it when I am not using it.

Decide were you plan to store yours and measure the space to make sure your space is large enough to handle the lawn mower you intend to purchase.

Watch for Sales

Once you have made a decision on these basic features, it is time to watch for sales. The best time to find the best sales is near the end of the season, however you may be somewhat limited in the choice of lawn mowers available to you.  Dealers do not want to carry inventory into the winter so they would rather sell it at a lower price instead of keeping these units for another 8 to 9 months.

At some locations you might even be able to negotiate with them to get a better deal. Don’t hold back on your quest for the best deal. Remember that the worst thing that can happen when you ask for a better price is that they say no, that is the best price. However if they knock another 10% off the cost of the lawn mower you want to purchase, you are way ahead as a result. I always like the money in my pocket vs. someone elses!

For more about what to look for when buying a lawn mower, click here.

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  1. this is the best time to buy a lawn mower. The stores have the lawn mowers on sale , some as much as 50% off so they can clear out their inventory

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