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Organic Lawn Care CompaniesSome lawn care companies promote themselves as organic lawn care companies. All this means is that they will not use pesticides that are considered illegal by the government in your area. If you wish them to be truly organic you must discuss with them the actual chemicals that they will use on your lawn. Discuss fertilizers and weed control to ensure that there are no inorganic or non-organic chemicals being used.

Mulching Your Grass Cuttings

In order for consumers to be truly organic about their lawn care, they should use mulching lawnmowers. They leave the grass on the lawn so that it will decompose and add the nitrogen back into the lawn. In addition, there is no need to stop and bag your grass clippings to put out later in the garbage or to rake your grass clippings. Mulching your grass clippings in addition to being better for your lawn is a lot less work.

The only negative that we can see is that you need to cut your grass a little more often. The mulch mechanism on your lawnmower works best when the grass has grown no more than one inch long. It is also not as hard on the blades of the grass plant itself. Mulching is just a great way to be organic as well as the practical aspects of lawn cutting and control.

Weed Control

Weed control on your lawn is the biggest problem for most consumers who wish to be or have an organic lawn care company. Most people will have to go around individually and pull weeds so that they don’t proliferate. ¬†Dandelions are easy to get rid of in this matter however other weeds such as clover are very difficult to control. Clover is not really a weed, however, many people would prefer that clover does not proliferate in their lawns. We go around once a week just before we cut the lawn and pull out all of the dandelions. I use a long sharp knife to get at the roots to pull them out root and all. Within a few weeks, of doing this there is seldom a dandelion to be concerned about.

Pulling clover is much more difficult. A strong healthy lawn works best to control the clover and there are some homemade remedies that can also be used to deal with clover. The important thing is to deal with it early to avoid clover taking over your lawn. A nice thick lawn will ensure or at least make it more difficult for the weeds to get a foothold in your lawn. It only takes a few minutes once a week to do all of this work.

How Much Time Do I Need to Spend

If you truly want to have an organic lawn, consumers must be prepared to spend a lot more time doing their own work. Control the weeds and make sure that they have a healthy strong lawn that will defend itself against weeds as well. Some consumers will hire lawn care companies that use organic materials to control the weeds and ensure a healthy lawn. Personally I like to do this work myself, enjoy the time outdoors and save a bit of money at the same time. It is very easy to work, good exercise. Frankly, I would rather do this than go to the gym.

We see a lot of lawns where the owners have allowed them to become full of weeds.  They may get discouraged once weeds appear to take over. However, if you get out there and deal with the problem, it will only take a few weeks to get your lawn back. Deal with the weeds, add grass seed, and some topsoil and fertilizer. It will not be long until you have a great looking lawn.

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