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Natural Lawn Care ServicesNatural lawn care services include the cutting of your lawn, trimming of your lawn. Also adding lawn seed to thicken the lawn and also adding fertilizer to your lawn. They will also collect and dispose of any grass clippings that may need to be collected. Most people will use a mulching lawnmower. The lawn cuttings are put back into the soil and the nitrogen added back into the lawn. Note that if you do use a mulching lawnmower, the lawn should be cut more often. This will ensure that the mulching action of the lawnmower works properly. When the lawn is too long, the lawnmower will get clogged up. It will not cut the blades of grass into sufficiently small pieces.

Natural Lawn Care Services – Removing Weeds

Removal and elimination of weeds can be a big problem for people. They may be trying to manage their lawn with organic lawn care techniques. What you have to do is individually pull every weed that you see. Make a routine out of it once a week going over your lawn. Remove all weeds that maybe have found their way into your lawn. Larger weeds such as dandelions are relatively easy to remove. However, grasses such as clover and other small leaf weeds are much more time-consuming and difficult.

Removing weeds by hand can be labor intensive if you have a lot of weeds in your lawn. The best way to do it as we mentioned, is to once a week go over your lawn. Remove any weeds that you see. Over time you will find that there are fewer and fewer weeds for you to remove. Your grass becomes thicker and fights back against all weeds that could come into your lawn. When you remove weeds, make sure that you get the root as well as the top of the weed. Otherwise, it will continue to grow. You can use a small tool such as a small chisel to dig out the root.

There are weed removal tools that you can purchase at most hardware stores as well as do-it-yourself stores such as Lowes and Home Depot. These tools work well however if you are money conscious, pulling by hand using a small knife works just as well.

Lawn care Services

The lawn care services companies will focus on keeping your lawn looking healthy and using a healthy lawn to fight back the weeds. In Canada, pesticides have been band, so it is much more difficult for them to deal with weeds even if they are not into the natural lawn. Weeds or grass between cracks of cement or bricks can be pulled or killed with a little bit of vinegar and water. This works really well, however you do not want to get any of the vinegar on your lawn or you will have a dead patch where you do not want it.

The bottom line for natural lawn care is lots of fertilizer,  application of grass seed, regular watering, and regular lawn cutting and you will have a strong healthy lawn that can fight back against all weeds that come into your area. With a little help by pulling the weeds that do grow, you will have a great looking lawn and be the envy of your neighbors.

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