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Lawn Mower Repairs

Lawn Mower RepairsMaintaining your lawn mower on a regular basis will ensure that you keep repairs to an absolute minimum, however there will be lawn mower repairs to contend with, particularly as the lawn mower gets older and also depending on how much lawn you cut every week. The more wear and tear your lawn mower undergoes, the more you should concentrate on maintaining your lawn mower and also repairing anything that is needed immediately. If you use your lawn mower often, then you really cannot afford to have a break down. Some home owners or small landscape companies will always have a backup so they are never without a lawn mower.

Lawn Mower Repairs

There are  all types of lawn mowers including push non-motorized, push motorized, self propelled and riding lawn mowers. They all have their specific requirements for maintenance, and all need repairs from time to time. Operators can often avoid serious and costly repairs by repairing something before it becomes serious and costly. Tightening a loose bolt, removing debris from around the lawn mower housing, cleaning a carburetor, replacing a spark plug because your lawn mower is back firing or not developing full power are just a few examples.

Lawn mower repairs should always be completed in a safe manner. Always shut the lawn mower off before doing any work on the machine. In fact it is recommended in all manuals to disconnect the spark plug wire from the spark plug before doing any work or repairs.

A routine that everyone should follow :

  • Perform all annual maintenance called for in the manual
  • Perform all maintenance called for after the prescribed number of hours of operation
  • Before starting your lawn mower each time check for any loose bolts that should be replaced or tightened.
  • Replace or repair any of these items immediately to avoid further damage and potentially more costly repairs.

Common lawn mower repairs may involve engine tuning, tire replacement or tire repair, blade sharpening, belt replacement if you lawn mower uses belts, oil changes and many other miscellaneous items.

Immediate repair will ensure that you are not left without a lawn mower and that your lawn mower will last a lifetime.  There are multiple ways to complete repairs. For example many consumers will perform their own repairs and purchase brand new parts to be installed. Consumers can usually order these parts from your lawn mower’s manufacturer as well as some of the more common parts can be ordered from your local small engine mechanic.

I have found that getting to know your local small engine mechanic to be a win win situation. As long as you purchase parts from him, they will often assist you with making sure you have the right part and explaining the best way to install them. They have had a great deal of experience repairing lawn mowers and have probably seen just about every thing you can imagine. A few minutes discussion can often save lots of money, time and also reduce frustration. Just make sure you show some loyalty by spending some money purchasing parts.

Professional Lawn Mower Repair

Of course not everyone wants to do their own lawn mower repairs. Load up your lawn mower and take it to your local small engine mechanic. This will no doubt cost more and take more time as well, but it means you do not need to worry about repairs. Always ask for an estimate before actually completing the repairs. Sometimes it can be cheaper to just go and purchase a new lawn mower vs. repairing the old one, especially if you are paying someone to make the repairs. Adding the cost of parts and the hourly charges can quickly compare to a new lawn mower. There may be a silver lining to this situation. Your small engine mechanic will often take the old lawn mower off your hands. He will use it for spare parts, particularly if your lawn mower is old and parts difficult to find.

Taking your lawn mower in for repairs in the middle of the summer or at the beginning of the season may be problematic. Many consumers faced with the need for repairs seen to discover that they need repairs in the spring when they first go to use their lawn mower. You may have to wait your turn to get your lawn mower back. Borrow the neighbor’s lawn mower or let your grass grow until your lawn mower is repaired.

Riding Lawn Mower Issues

Consumers with riding lawn mowers are faced with an additional problem. You just cannot throw your riding lawn mower in the back of the trunk. Most will need a small trailer to transport riding lawn mowers to be repaired. If you do not have a trailer or cannot borrow one, you may have to make transport arrangements yourself. The riding lawn mower may be picked up or for the repair technician to visit your home.

Companies such as John Deere offer this service. Many local companies will also offer this type of service for a fee. Always find out what fees you will be charged. What the hourly rate is before hand to avoid any surprises. Often there is an initial flat rate fee just to show up. Then you are billed by the hour for the repair activity.

Compared to completing the repairs yourself, this can become an expensive proposition. Once you have compared the prices , you can make an informed decision regarding

  • A) repair it yourself
  • B) have a technician complete the repairs or
  • C) Buy a new lawn mower.

Even if you make mistakes or need to purchase a tool you may not have, doing your own repairs can be the most economical as well as rewarding. Just take your time, work safely and apply standard problem solving techniques to completing repairs to your lawn mower.

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