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John Deere JS25

The John Deere JS25 walk behind mower is just one of the steel deck lawn mowers offered by John Deere. In fact, as one would expect they have an entire line up of landscaping equipment for small lawns, large lawns and golf course type situations. They also have many products for farming applications, however that is not the subject of this review.

John Deere JS25 – Specifications

John Deere JS25 Walk Behind Lawn MowerThe Brigs and Stratton 6.75 Horse power engine is a 4 cycle , side valve engine that operates at a fixed speed. The deck is made of 21 inch steel, the discharge can be in one of 3 ways and the grass catcher bag is 2.5 bushels in size. This is power lawn mower with a variable speed transmission and the John Deere JS 25 walk behind mower comes with a 2 year warranty. A single leaver adjusts the height of all wheels making height adjustment on the go very easy for the operator.

The Briggs and Stratton carburetor is specifically designed to prevent flooding without priming for easier starts. Fuel stabilizer can be added that drips into the fuel tank from the fuel tank cap to ensure easy starts. Zone start requires that the engine can only be started when the operator is standing behind the John Deere JS 25 walk behind mower. The engine lubrication is of the splash variety which is pretty common in these types of engines.

The MowMentum transmission provides a continuously variable speed from zero to 3.6 miles per hour. A pivoting handles controls how fast the John Deere JS 25 walk behind mower will travel based on the angle of the pivoting handle. There is also a locked in position to maintain a constant rate of speed.


The John Deere JS25 walk behind mower comes with a MowMentum drive system, which adjusts the speed of the mower to the speed of the operator, which is a really great feature if you are mowing a large lawn. Durable wheels are made of high impact plastic and controls are easy to operate and the handle bar is easy to adjust and can be folded down for transport or storage as needed.  Discharge bags can be attached on the side or on the rear depending on whether you are mulching or cutting grass.


The John Deere JS 25 walk behind mower has a two year warranty. John Deere also offers a 30 day at home trial. If customers are not satisfied, they can return the John Deere JS 25 walk behind mower. They can either get their money back or exchange the lawn mower for another machine.


If you lose your manual, John Deere offers an online version. Download the manual to your computer.

Price & Delivery

The price quoted on the web site is $429 US, which is the manufacturer’s suggested price. Of course dealers may sell the John Deere JS 25 walk behind mower at higher or lower price depending on inventory and time of year. This price includes all taxes freight, setup and delivery. There are also two sister lawn mowers offered at slightly higher prices and additional features such as electric start.

Safety and Operation

The John Deere JS 25 walk behind mower should be operated in a safe manner. Repairs and maintenance should also be completed following recommendations in the manual.

When operating the John Deere JS 25 walk behind mower, never allow someone to walk in front of the discharge chute. Sharp objects that are discharged from time to time are dangerous. Even small stones can do a lot of damage if they are picked up and discharged by the lawn mower.

When clearing clogged grass from the underside of the lawn mower, always shut the lawn mower off first. Disconnect the spark plug so there is no danger of an accident. These lawn mower blades are sharp. They can do a great deal of damage in the flash of an eye. Follow safe operating procedures.

John Deere JS25 – Maintenance

Maintenance and repairs should be conducted in the same manner when working on the John Deere JS 25 walk behind mower. Keep the steel deck clean and free of old grass to avoid premature deterioration of the steel deck. Sharpen the blades at least annually to ensure that the blades actually cut the grass. Avoid dull blades that tear the grass leaving a jagged appearance.

The oil should be changed at least once per year. However depending on hours of use, you may need to change the oil more often. This is relatively easy to do. It will add years of use to your John Deere JS 25 walk behind mower. Always check the oil level before starting the lawn mower every time.

Again if you need to change the oil or perform other repairs always shut the engine off. Disconnect the spark plug to avoid any possibility of an accident. For more posts about John Deere lawn mowers, click here.

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  1. millicent lee Says:

    i would like to no what kind of oil to us for my john deer lown mower JS25

  2. typically most lawn mowers will use regular 5 W 30 oil, however you really should check your lawn mowers manual or confirm with the dealer which type of oil to use, just to be on the safe side.

  3. Gerald smith Says:

    How can I tell the year model of my js425 mower?

  4. What was the engine model no. Of the Briggs & Stratton on the john deer js25 lawn mower

  5. Joseph gurule Says:

    126t02-0201-B 08112659

  6. Joseph gurule Says:

    Need to know if it’s counter clockwise or clock wise for blade removal john deere js25a

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