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Landscaping and lawn careFor some people, landscaping and lawn care is act of love. They enjoy it so much and are really proud of the work that they do to keep their lawns and the landscaping of their property looking great. They also want the neighborhood to envy them and will strive to have the best lawn in the neighborhood.

But most people either do not have the time or the desire  to do their own landscaping and lawn care. They may not want to pay the money to a landscape company, yet they really do want to have a great looking property. It is a dilemma for these people because once your lawn begins to look bad it can take a lot of work to get it back. There are alternatives to spending a lot of money and still have a really nice looking lawn, that you and your spouse can be proud of. As long as you are prepared to spend an hour or two each week, you can have a great looking lawn without too much work or money being spent.

Landscaping and Lawn Care the Easy Way

The basic rule is hire people to do the hard work and you look after the easy stuff. Planting shrubs, digging up lawns and planting gardens is probably more difficult work than what most people want to tackle. Mowing the lawn, applying fertilizer and applying weed applications are in the middle of what some people consider easy and others consider hard work. Watering your lawn is very easy to do and just takes time to make sure that your lawn gets enough water to keep it healthy. Many people will even have automatic watering systems installed to water the lawn for them at the prescribed times.

Decide what you like to do and are able to do and then make your decision regarding how much you want to spend. You may also need to budget for some trimming of the shrubs once a year as well or more often if you plant fast growers. Some consumers will cut their own lawn, but hire someone to add fertilizer and weed killer for them so they do not need to contend with this task.

Budget for Landscaping and Lawn Care

Ask for several quotes so that you have some idea of what the work you are planning to do is going to cost. Planting shrubs and gardens can be one set of costs, while trimming etc can be another.

Next you need quotes for weekly lawn mowing, fertilizer four times a year and weed control as needed. Once you have these costs you can quickly decide whether this kind of landscaping and lawn care fits into your budget. Evaluate the costs. Then determine if you can fit this into your budget vs. how much work you want to take on yourself. Don’t forget to factor in the tools that you may need to do the work yourself. For example you obviously need a lawnmower and a fertilizer spreader if you plan to do these tasks. A fertilizer spreader is not too expensive, while lawnmowers can cost a hundred dollars or even much more if you purchase an expensive¬† one.

The last point we want to leave with you is that when you do the work yourself and see the results, the sense of satisfaction can be very enjoyable as well.

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