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John Deere JS46 Review

This is a short review showing the specifications only for the John Deere JS46. If John Deere JS46you would like the full review, visit the original page by clicking here. This is a 22 inch wide machine suitable for most urban lawns used mainly by consumers. Professional lawn care contractors prefer wider machines to cut grass more quickly. This lawn mower is aimed at consumers who like the ease of use for starting as well as only needing to steer and let the lawn mower do all of the work.

This lawn mower is 22 inches wide , self propelled from the rear and has a 3 in one deck – grass catcher, side discharge or mulching capability.  A mulching lawn mower requires a lot less work in terms of either raking grass clippings or emptying the grass clippings our of the rear bag into a disposal bag of some kind.  Refer to the main review page for additional comments by other readers as well.

John Deere JS46 Specifications:

  • 8.75 pound foot of torque
  • 190 cc ( 11.6 cu inch) Briggs & Stratton engine
  • 4 cycle, OHV engine
  • 22 inch steel deck
  • 1 lever adjustment system for all  wheels
  • 3 in 1 discharge

Engine: 190 cc ( 11.6 cu inch) Briggs & Stratton engine

Propulsion: Variable speed , rear wheel drive

Warranty: 2 year limited warranty


  • Electric start with recoil start backup
  • Fixed speed throttle
  • Operator presence required to operate the lawn mower
  • Side discharge
  • Mulching deck
  • Rear bag grass catcher
  • 8 inch by 2 inch front wheels; 9 inch by 2 inch rear wheels
  • Fixed speed rear wheel drive

One of the features that almost everyone finds useful is the electric start capability. There is a pull cord, however for anyone that has difficulty starting in the manual way by pulling the chord, they will find that the push button start on this machine is very handy. Not everyone has the strength to pull the chord fast enough to start the engine, or perhaps there is some physical issue that prevents you from pulling the chord. Just push the button to start it , engage the drive and you are off to cutting your lawn.

Lawns with a Slope

If you have a slope on your lawn, the rear wheel drive will make cutting this lawn very easy for most people. Cuttingt the lawn on a downwards cut it will be much easier even with a self propelled lawn mower. If you must climb the slope, the self propelled drive will make it a much easier task. The safest way to cut a lawn with a significant slope is to cut across the lawn to avoid slipping and being caught under the lawn mower and the spinning blades. Why not consider either a front wheel drive or a rear wheel drive lawn mower today.

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