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John Deere JS26

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This is a short review showing the specifications only for the John Deere JS26. If you would like the full review, visit the original page by clicking here.  This is a 22 inch wide machine suitable for most urban lawns.  Refer to the main review page for additional comments by other readers as well.John Deere JS26 This is a very nice machine with lots of features that are suitable for many consumers in urban settings. Mulch, discharge or bag your grass clippings. A similar lawn mower to this with these kinds of features is really perfect for our lawn.

I used to bag all of my grass cuttings and now I wonder why I ever used a lawn mower with a bag system. With a mulch lawn mower cutting the lawn is so much easier and a lot less work. Many lawn mowers have this 3 in one option, but we have to say that mulching is by far the best configuration to use.

We really like the front wheel propulsion for our lawn even though it is a level lawn. Cutting the lawn is really effortless and all you need to do to slow down or change direction is to lean slightly on the handle which lifts the front wheels off the ground. When this occurs you have less traction and the forward speed naturally slows down. You can also easily turn the lawn mower in this configuration as well. Just lean on the handle and turn the mower, let it down and away you go. We like this configuration much better than the rear wheel drive configuration for lawn mowers.

John Deere JS26 – Specifications:

  • 7.0 pound foot of torque
  • 190 cc ( 11.6 cu inch) Briggs & Stratton engine
  • 4 cycle, side valve engine
  • 22 inch steel deck
  • 3 point adjustment system for wheels
  • 3 in 1 discharge

Engine: 190 cc ( 11.6 cu inch) Briggs & Stratton engine

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Propulsion: Variable speed , front wheel drive

Warranty: 2 year limited warranty


  • Fixed speed throttle
  • Operator presence required to operate the lawn mower
  • Side discharge
  • Mulching deck
  • 8 inch by 2 inch wheels
  • Variable speed front wheel drive

We also only use the lawn mower in a mulch mode which saves a great deal of time. No longer do we need to bag the grass clippings and then put them out in the garbage. the grass clippings go right back into the lawn, so the nutrients are being added back in as well as the grass clippings protect the roots from the hot sun. The ground does not dry out as fast on those hot summer days.

We also do not have to rake heavy grass clippings and then bag them to be placed into the garbage. We have a compost bin and used to place our grass clippings in the bins. They would get full and then we would have to empty them and turn then over while adding ground to the clippings to increase the natural decay of the clippings, which is a lot of hard work. No longer. It is so easy cutting the grass now with the kind of features that this lawn mower has such as the mulching blade. We also do not have those stinky garbage bags full of grass clippings that are slowly rotting while we wait for garbage day. Our garbage is only picked up every two weeks! You can imagine what condition those grass clippings would be in at the end of two weeks.

Check out our main page for this lawn mower for more information and comments from a variety of readers.


Click here for Outdoor - Garden Supplies? Lots of ideas and best selling products available here.

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