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Environmental Lawn CareWe talked a little bit about this golf course in our last post. They practice a form of environment lawn care on their course. We are not going to get into the issues of their being a golf course in the middle of what is obviously a desert. However if you are going to have one built, you may as well as do it in an environmentally friendly way. Environmental Lawn Care uses nonpotable water which means that it is untreated and not suitable for humans to drink.

It is more than suitable for a lawn and this is what they do to partially save money and to also reuse water that cannot be used for human consumption or used on gardens with fruits and vegetables. But what can the regular consumer do with regards to environment lawn care ? There is also an issue with how much water is used on golf courses, especially in the desert, but that is a subject for another post.

Environmental Lawn Care – What Can Consumers Do

You may not agree with all of these suggestions, however select those that make sense for your situation, budget and interest. Here is our list of environmental lawn care activities:

  • Use an Electric lawn mower
  • Use a manual lawn mower
  • Convert to a desert landscape that needs minimal water
  • Convert to a forest landscape with lots of mulch etc that needs minimal water
  • Let your lawn grow a little longer to promote moisture protection
  • Hand pick weeds rather than use pesticides
  • Use natural fertilizer
  • Prevent runoff to avoid fertilizers ending up in the sewer
  • Plant shrubs and trees to provide shade
  • Conserve water by using water from downspouts and runoff
  • Use a mulching lawn mower
  • Mulch all leaves and lawn debris and use as fertilizer and ground cover.

There are probably other steps that can be taken for Environmental Lawn Care and we wold appreciate any suggestions that you may have. Our readers will appreciate your ideas so that we can all help to minimize our impact on the environment. Leave us a constructive comment and we will happily approve it.


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