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Budget Lawn CareThis beautiful golf course is struggling because they are probably applying budget lawn care techniques. It is also a very dry climate and it is pretty tough to keep the grass looking healthy and green all of the time. This is their challenge and the challenge of most home owners who want a great looking lawn on a budget. We decided to write this post to describe to consumers just how they can maintain their lawn while on a budget and still have a really great looking lawn. It is not that hard. You might not have the best and most lush looking lawn but it will certainly be healthy and something to be proud of. So exactly what do you need to do?

Budget Lawn Care – Techniques

All it takes is water, fertilizer, weed control, lawn seeding and mowing to have a great looking lawn. Each of these items will cost some money, but the more work you do on your own the less it will cost. A thick healthy looking lawn has a better chance of resisting the weeds. Fertilizer and regular watering will accomplish that. If you have only a few weeds, hand pick those out of the grass, otherwise apply weed control several times a year.

Regular mowing is great too. But do not let it get too long or you will damage the grass when it is cut. At the same time do not cut it too short as well. Cutting it too short allows for faster evaporation of moisture which dries out the grass more quickly. In dry times allow the grass to grow a bit longer, while when it is raining a lot you can cut it a bit shorter. Adjust your lawn mowers cutting height accordingly to manage the amount of water you need which in turn reduces the cost of water consumed.

Spread Lawn Seed

Spreading lawn seed over your lawn during the prime growing season with a little topsoil added and lots of water will cause the seeds to germinate and thicken up your lawn. In turn a thick lawn keeps the weeds from growing as well.

Manage your costs and if you decide to hire a company, evaluate just how much it would cost if you did everything on your own. It might be a chance to save money and keep to your budget.  Once your lawn is in great shape, there will be less work involved to keep it that way. All it takes is regular mowing at the right times, fertilizer consistent with the time of year, and weed treatment on a regular basis. With water and sun, your lawn will look great within weeks and it is easy to keep it that way, provided that you do the regular maintenance.

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