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Bolens Self Propelled Lawn Mower 1839Q

February 14th, 2010 ernie Posted in 21 Inch Cut, Bolens, Rear Self Powered 3 Comments »

The Bolens Self Propelled Lawn Mower model 1839Q comes with a number of interesting features which many consumers will like. A four speed shift stick allows the operator to adjust the speed to the appropriate pace that your prefer.  The ergonomic comfort handle reduces fatigue and provides easy single handed use while mowing your lawn.

Bolens Self Propelled lawn mower

The Bolens Self Propelled lawn mower also provides a single lever adjustment that allows you to adjust all four wheels at once. The wheels come with steel ball bearings increasing the long life of the wheels.

The automatic choke return makes for easy starting. Set the choke and pull the starter chord. No priming is required before you start the Bolens Self Propelled lawn mower. The Bolens Self Propelled lawn mower is a three in one lawn mower that mulches, catches the grass and also has a side discharge if you do not wish to use the grass catcher. Conversion is easy and completed without using any tools. This is a very versatile lawn mower.

Bolens Self Propelled Lawn Mower – Specifications:

  • 160 cc OHC Honda engine
  • 21 inch deep dome mulching deck
  • 4 speed rear wheel drive
  • 8 inch wheels with steel ball bearings
  • 61 liter capacity bag


  • Auto choke control, no priming required, just set and pull the chord
  • Mulch, rear bag and side discharge with no tools required for conversion
  • Single lever height adjustment for all four wheels
  • Ergonomic comfort handle to reduce fatigue and provide single hand use
  • Easy access air filter
  • Folding handle for easy storage
  • Assembles in minutes with a bottle of oil included for the engine

Warranty: 4 year limited warranty

Delivery: Customers can purchase the Bolens Self Propelled lawn mower at Lowes in Canada for pickup or delivery. Delivery can be arranged, however this will add to the cost of the lawn mower. Some customers will arrange for a van or small trailer if they cannot get the  lawn mower into their cars.

Safety & Operation

Always read the operators manual prior to assembly and prior to starting the Bolens Self Propelled lawn mower for the first time. Take the time to understand all of the safety concerns and areas that you need to pay attention to while operating the Bolens Self Propelled lawn mower.

There are some basics to safety while operating the  lawn mower. First always complete an inspection of the  lawn mower prior to starting each day. Look for loose parts and check the oil level and the fuel level. Top up the engine oil as required to ensure that the engine has sufficient oil at all times.

While you are operating the lawn mower, always ensure that no one is in the path of the side discharge to avoid being hit by flying objects. Always shut the engine off prior to emptying the grass catcher for similar reasons. You do not want to be hit by moving objects thrown out by the lawn mower blades.

Adjust the lawn mower speed to a comfortable walking rate and the density of the grass that you are cutting. Use the 4 speed control to change speed on the fly if you encounter thicker harder to cut grass.

If you need to clear clumps of grass from under the lawn mower, always shut the engine off before doing any work under the lawn mower. We also recommend that you disconnect the spark plug wire so there is no danger of accidentally starting the engine while you are cleaning under the deck of the lawn mower.

Bolens Self Propelled Lawn Mower – Maintenance

The manual for the lawn mower will cover all required maintenance activities including frequency of oil changes. Depending on use you may need to change the oil once a month if you have lots of lawn to cut. On the hand a small lawn will not require oil changes nearly as often. At the minimum change the oil annually to extend the life of the engine and use of the lawn mower.

The blades should also be sharpened at least once per year to provide sharp blades that cut the grass and avoid tearing the blades. Most people are comfortable doing this work themselves. However a small engine mechanic can complete these activities for you including changing the oil and changing the spark plug if needed.

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Cub Cadet 999ES

February 7th, 2010 ernie Posted in 21 Inch Cut, Cub Cadet, Rear Self Powered No Comments »

The Cub Cadet 999ES is self propelled push lawn mower, rear bagging system with electric start for convenience and ease of use. This lawn mower comes with a powerful Briggs & Stratton Engine that starts at the push of a button. There is a 21 inch cut with a 3 in one system for bagging, mulching and side discharge. This Cub Cadet 999ES has all of the features to make your lawn cutting chores easy and enjoyable. Let the lawn mower do the work while you walk behind and get you walking exercise.

Cub Cadet 999ES push lawn mower

The Cub Cadet 999ES rear bagger comes with a 2.5 bushel bag large enough to catch a lot of grass clippings but not large enough that it is too heavy to carry when full.

The seven inch caster wheels make it a breeze to turn corners and maneuver around those tight spots. The rear wheels on the Cub Cadet 999ES are nine inch wheels with industrial tread.

If you need to adjust the height of the lawn mower the Cub Cadet 999ES allows height adjustment with a single control to adjust all wheels from the front. The drive system drives from the rear with a six speed transmission.

Cub Cadet 999ES – Specifications:

  • 190 CC Briggs and Stratton engine
  • 21 inch steel deck
  • cutting height from one inch to 3.5 inches
  • Cutting options – three in one convertible
  • 2.5 bushel rear bagger


  • Electric starter
  • Self propelled rear drive , 6 forward gears
  • CydoCut cutting system
  • Deluxe bail

Warranty – three year limited residential warranty

Price & Delivery

The price was not listed on the web site and there was no option to purchase the Cub Cadet 999ES online. Consumers interested in this product and look up an authorized dealer that is located near them. Regarding delivery, the best plan is for consumers to pick up their Cub Cadet 999ES at purchase time. However if there is insufficient room in your car or van or if you do not have access to a trailer, customers can arrange for delivery at a reasonable cost. It is much cheaper to pick up the Cub Cadet 999ES at the dealer yourself rather than have some one deliver it.

Safety & Operation

Read the manual thoroughly before operating the Cub Cadet 999ES for the first time. Become familiar with the operation of the Cub Cadet 999ES, the drive system and the speed in the various forward gears. Check that there is sufficient fuel in the fuel tank and oil in the engine prior to starting for the first time and every subsequent time you use the Cub Cadet 999ES. This is a good practice to get into in order to avoid damaging the engine due to low oil levels.

While operating the lawn mower there are precautions that everyone should take while operating a lawn mower. For example, when using the side discharge never stand in front of the discharge and never allow anyone else to stand there . At times, sharp objects can be picked up by the lawn mower and expelled at a high rate of speed. You do not want to be hit by one of these.

In addition never operate this machine with the side discharge pointing towards buildings or cars for the same reasons. You do not want stone chip marks on the side of your car!

This is a powered lawn mower with 6 forward speeds. Operation of the mower should be at a comfortable speed for the person walking behind and at a speed that allows the lawn mower to cut the grass cleanly. Moving too fast may be uncomfortable for the operator and your lawn may not have that finished look after cutting is completed.

Always turn the Cub Cadet 999ES off before doing any kind of maintenance on the lawn mower. This includes removing the rear bag full of grass clippings. The few seconds you save is just not worth the risk of some kind of accident.

Cub Cadet 999ES – Maintenance

Maintenance  is much like all lawn mowers. When you are fished cutting the lawn, always empty the rear bag and clean off the lawn mower of all debris. Cut grass left in the bag will begin to rot and will cause the bag to deteriorate. Cleaning off the deck also eliminates corrosion over the life of the lawn mower.

Follow the instructions in the manual regarding oil changes for the lawn mower. If there is heavy use of the lawn mower you may want to change the oil several times during the season. Otherwise change the oil at least on an annual basis to avoid damage to the engine.

From time to time you will need to have the lawn mower blade sharpened. Consumers can do this easily , however there are some precautions you should take. First disconnect the battery leads and disconnect the spark plug wire. This will avoid any chance of the engine starting while you are working on it. Follow the instructions in the manual to remove the blade and sharpen it.

If you are uncomfortable with doing this type of maintenance yourself, take your lawn mower into a small engine mechanic for maintenance.

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John Deere JS25

January 20th, 2010 ernie Posted in 21 Inch Cut, John Deere, Rear Self Powered 4 Comments »

The John Deere JS25 walk behind mower is just one of the steel deck lawn mowers offered by John Deere. In fact, as one would expect they have an entire line up of landscaping equipment for small lawns, large lawns and golf course type situations. They also have many products for farming applications, however that is not the subject of this review.

John Deere JS25 – Specifications

John Deere JS25 Walk Behind Lawn MowerThe Brigs and Stratton 6.75 Horse power engine is a 4 cycle , side valve engine that operates at a fixed speed. The deck is made of 21 inch steel, the discharge can be in one of 3 ways and the grass catcher bag is 2.5 bushels in size. This is power lawn mower with a variable speed transmission and the John Deere JS 25 walk behind mower comes with a 2 year warranty. A single leaver adjusts the height of all wheels making height adjustment on the go very easy for the operator.

The Briggs and Stratton carburetor is specifically designed to prevent flooding without priming for easier starts. Fuel stabilizer can be added that drips into the fuel tank from the fuel tank cap to ensure easy starts. Zone start requires that the engine can only be started when the operator is standing behind the John Deere JS 25 walk behind mower. The engine lubrication is of the splash variety which is pretty common in these types of engines.

The MowMentum transmission provides a continuously variable speed from zero to 3.6 miles per hour. A pivoting handles controls how fast the John Deere JS 25 walk behind mower will travel based on the angle of the pivoting handle. There is also a locked in position to maintain a constant rate of speed.


The John Deere JS25 walk behind mower comes with a MowMentum drive system, which adjusts the speed of the mower to the speed of the operator, which is a really great feature if you are mowing a large lawn. Durable wheels are made of high impact plastic and controls are easy to operate and the handle bar is easy to adjust and can be folded down for transport or storage as needed.  Discharge bags can be attached on the side or on the rear depending on whether you are mulching or cutting grass.


The John Deere JS 25 walk behind mower has a two year warranty. John Deere also offers a 30 day at home trial. If customers are not satisfied, they can return the John Deere JS 25 walk behind mower. They can either get their money back or exchange the lawn mower for another machine.


If you lose your manual, John Deere offers an online version. Download the manual to your computer.

Price & Delivery

The price quoted on the web site is $429 US, which is the manufacturer’s suggested price. Of course dealers may sell the John Deere JS 25 walk behind mower at higher or lower price depending on inventory and time of year. This price includes all taxes freight, setup and delivery. There are also two sister lawn mowers offered at slightly higher prices and additional features such as electric start.

Safety and Operation

The John Deere JS 25 walk behind mower should be operated in a safe manner. Repairs and maintenance should also be completed following recommendations in the manual.

When operating the John Deere JS 25 walk behind mower, never allow someone to walk in front of the discharge chute. Sharp objects that are discharged from time to time are dangerous. Even small stones can do a lot of damage if they are picked up and discharged by the lawn mower.

When clearing clogged grass from the underside of the lawn mower, always shut the lawn mower off first. Disconnect the spark plug so there is no danger of an accident. These lawn mower blades are sharp. They can do a great deal of damage in the flash of an eye. Follow safe operating procedures.

John Deere JS25 – Maintenance

Maintenance and repairs should be conducted in the same manner when working on the John Deere JS 25 walk behind mower. Keep the steel deck clean and free of old grass to avoid premature deterioration of the steel deck. Sharpen the blades at least annually to ensure that the blades actually cut the grass. Avoid dull blades that tear the grass leaving a jagged appearance.

The oil should be changed at least once per year. However depending on hours of use, you may need to change the oil more often. This is relatively easy to do. It will add years of use to your John Deere JS 25 walk behind mower. Always check the oil level before starting the lawn mower every time.

Again if you need to change the oil or perform other repairs always shut the engine off. Disconnect the spark plug to avoid any possibility of an accident. For more posts about John Deere lawn mowers, click here.

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