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Soluble Synthetic Fertilizers

Soluble synthetic fertilizersThis is our second post about types of fertilizers. Our previous post discussed organic fertilizers. This post will cover soluble synthetic fertilizers, slow-release fertilizers, and water-insoluble nitrogen. Many consumers select the type of fertilizer they wish to use based on local climate, the type of grass they have and the environmental conditions e.g. spring, summer, fall, humid, arid, etc. It is very important to match your grass type with the desired look and feel of your lawn when making a decision regarding what type of fertilizer to use.

Soluble synthetic fertilizers

The big advantage of this type of fertilizer is predictability.  You can learn the exact effect they have on the lawn. This is an important feature for many lawns. Soluble synthetic fertilizers become available to the lawn before the soil has thoroughly warmed in the summer, they are less expensive than organic fertilizers, and they are easy to handle. Apply less fertilizer. The percentage of nitrogen is usually higher.

More applications are necessary because the effects are short term. If your lawn requires 4 to 6 pounds of actual nitrogen a year, then many separate applications are necessary.

Because of the high percentage of nitrogen, there is the possibility of fertilizer burn. To avoid this, apply the fertilizer at the recommended rate. Spread it on a dry lawn, and water it thoroughly after application.

Exceptions are some weed and feed products. They are formulated with soluble fertilizer‘s. They are designed for use on wet grass during moderate temperatures, usually under 85°F.

Slow release fertilizer‘s

To some extent these fertilizers combine the characteristics of the organics and the soluble synthetics. Usually they have a high percentage of nitrogen, spreading large quantities is not necessary. Nitrogen does not become available to the plant all at once.

Several types are available. Some are categorized on the fertilizer bag as WIN, meaning water in soluble nitrogen. Many commonly available lawn fertilizers are actually a combination of soluble nitrogen and WIN

Many lawn growers favor slow release fertilizers. They make heavier applications of nitrogen possible. However, they do not provide a quick green up. Your control of greening response is slightly more than with organics.

Our next post on lawn fertilizers will cover water insoluble nitrogen, complete fertilizers, and fertilizer and pesticide combinations. For more posts about lawn care and how to have a great looking lawn that is the envy of your neighbors, click here.

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