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MTD Gold High Wheel Push Mower – 549Q

The MTD Gold High Wheel Push Mower model 549Q is sold by many dealers across Canada and the US and is one of a line of product brands that MTD sells. These brands include Bolens, Cub Cadet, Troy-Bilt, White, Yardman, MTD Pro, and Yard Machines. The MTD Gold High Wheel Push Mower model 549Q has a Honda 160cc overhead cam, 4 cycle engine, no mixing of gas and oil, emission certified low noise engine.

MTD Gold High Wheel Push Mower - 549Q
The Push Mower model 549Q is a rear bag discharge grass collector style of a lawnmower. Conversion to mulching can be completed almost instantly without tools.

Rear bagging of grass cuttings is far superior to side bagging. The lawnmower has better balance and it is much easier to navigate around shrubs and trees.  In addition, the larger wheels at the back provide additional strength to support a heavy bag of grass cuttings. As a result, they are also more maneuverable with a grass catcher around shrubs and other tight spaces.

Each wheel can be individually adjusted to the desired height for perfect grass cutting. The MTD Gold High Wheel Push Mower model 549Q comes partially assembled with consumers completing assembly in a matter of minutes. Make sure you add the oil to the engine prior to starting for the first time.

MTD Gold High Wheel Push Mower – 549Q – Specifications

  • 160 CC engine with overhead cam and 4 cycle engine
  • 21 inch deep domed mulching deck
  • 12 inch rear high wheels
  • 9 position wheel adjustment
  • 61 liter capacity bag

Gold High Wheel Push Mower – Features

  • Auto choke return – no priming required
  • Low emissions, low noise, and no mixing of gas and oil
  • Rear bagging/mulching/side discharge – with tool-free conversion
  • Long-life steel ball-bearing wheels
  • High rear wheels for maneuverability
  • Comfort grip bail handle
  • Folding handles
  • Durable powdered coated paint
  • Easy access air filter
  • Assembled in minutes, a bottle of oil included


The MTD Gold High Wheel Push Mower model 549Q comes with a 3-year limited warranty. Of course, Consumers concerned about what is covered and what is not covered should review the limited warranty before purchase.


The rear discharge kit was the only accessory mentioned.

Price & Delivery

The MTD Gold High Wheel Push Mower model 549Q can be purchased at a number of dealers around the country. We did not see a price on the company’s website for this push lawnmower.


Consumers who take good care of the MTD Gold High Wheel Push Mower model 549Q will have a lawnmower that lasts for many years. Subsequently, after every grass cutting, clean off the deck of the lawnmower. This prevents the buildup of wet grass that is acidic. It can over time eat away at the deck of the lawnmower. The build-up of grass near the exhaust can also ignite a fire or at least cause a lot of smoke to be generated. If you do not think this can happen, the writer can attest that it actually happened on his lawnmower.

Also, before starting the MTD Gold High Wheel Push Mower model 549Q each time, check it over to confirm there are no loose parts. Also that there is sufficient oil in the engine and sufficient gasoline in the tank to cut your lawn. As a general rule, you should not fill a gasoline tank while the engine is hot.

Change the oil based on the recommendations of the manufacturer, however, it should be changed at least once per season as a minimum and more often if you are a heavy user and have a lot of lawn to cut.

Gold High Wheel Push Mower – Safety & Operation

A few comments about the safety and operation of the MTD Gold High Wheel Push Mower model 549Q are needed. Whenever you are working on the lawnmower always shut the engine off. Never try to clear grass from the housing while the engine is running. The same goes for oil changes and changing the grass catcher. But many people will circumvent what is known as the dead man’s switch i.e. when you release the bar, the engine stops. However, some people will wire these closed so that the engine remains running even if your hands are not on the push handle. As a result, we strongly recommend against this approach. Never allow the engine to run while you are doing anything other than cutting grass.

Sometimes sharp objects could exit out of the opening at the back while the grass catcher bag is removed or out of the side discharge if you are using that option. Sharp objects can damage and hurt anything in their way.  Just turn off the machine before doing any maintenance.

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