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Lawn Mower Annual Spring Maintenance Tips

Lawn Mower Annual Spring Maintenance TipsMany home owners don’t bother with lawn mower annual spring maintenance. They just pull their lawn mower out of the garage, add some fuel to the tank and pull on the starter chord. In most cases, after a few pulls on the starter chord the engine coughs and starts. It may run rough for a little while, but then once new gasoline gets into the engine it smooths out and runs well. You might even get away with this for several years. Eventually the engine will not start at all and will require a complete overhaul. The engine oil is black and the carburetor is gummed up by old gasoline residue. If you want many years of use from your lawn mower, complete a lawn mower annual spring maintenance every year.

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Lawn Mower Annual Spring Maintenance Tips

Here are a few spring maintenance tips that will help to keep your lawn mower running for many years.

  • Change the oil once every year or more often if you have a very large lawn
  • Dispose of the oil properly
  • Change or clean the spark plug if it is badly corroded
  • Put new gasoline in the gasoline tank
  • Disconnect the spark plug wire, then check the blade to determine if it needs sharpening
  • Perform any repairs that might be needed


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