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How to Seed a Lawn

How to Seed a LawnIf you decide you want to seed your lawn instead of using sod, you will need to follow different steps. We will outline how to seed a lawn using lawn seed, a rake, a roller, and medium to light mulch. It is important to keep the new lawn seed watered to help germination and continue growth. Once you have established the right kind of topsoil for your lawn the first step is to rake the soil to establish a level lawn. There are a couple of important points to remember in the step. The topsoil should be level to avoid puddling during watering or rainfall. There should not be any dips or high areas to avoid the lawn mower scalping the lawn when you are mowing.

How to Seed a Lawn

Once you are confident that the topsoil is level and there is good soil everywhere, it is time to move to the next step. Sow the seed using a fertilizer spreader following the same steps for fertilizer. Avoid high concentrations. Always cover the area twice with the direction of spread at 90 degrees to the first application.

Next, you need to lightly rake the soil. Avoid changing the concentrations and only cover the seeds by one eight to one-quarter of an inch. Next roll the soil to compress the soil around the seeds and causes germination to proceed quickly.

You may want to add light mulch to help retain moisture in the soil and help the lawn seed get established. Avoid heavy mulch which could smother the grass seedlings.

Water thoroughly and regularly to help with germination and to help with lawn growth until it is well established. Highlight the area with ribbons or bright string to keep neighbors and children from accidentally walking across your lawn.

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