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Honda Lawn Mower HRX217HZA

Honda Lawn Mower HRX217HZAThe Honda Lawn Mower model HRX217HZA has all of the features that the other Honda lawn mowers we have reviewed on this have plus the ability to be started electrically. Just push a button and the rechargeable battery will start the engine up to 300 times in a season.

It is self-propelled with variable speeds up to 4 miles per hour. Operators can set the speed based on mowing conditions and the speed that is most comfortable for them while mowing the lawn.

Combined with the twin blades that cut grass clippings into finer particles, this lawn mower can not only bag a larger amount of grass, you can also set it up to discharge, mulch and/or leaf shred as well. We have not tried the leaf shredding capability and would be interested in hearing from our readers how well this works. Finally, shredded leaf particles will compress a great deal into the leaf bag and this could be a really great feature if it works as it is designed to.

We provide a full list of specifications and features in the following.

Honda Lawn Mower HRX217HZA – Specifications:

  • Engine GCV190
  • Deck Material NeXite®
  • Cutting Width 21″
  • Mowing height range 3/4″ – 4″
  • Mowing height adjustments 7
  • Drive Control Cruise Control
  • Transmission Hydrostatic
  • Ground speed 0 to 4.0 mph
  • Starter Electric/Recoil
  • Choke System Automatic
  • Drive Belt
  • Handle 1″ Steel Tube
  • Handle Height Positions 3
  • Wheels 9″ Plastic
  • Ball Bearing Wheels All
  • Standard Functions 4 in 1 Mulch/Bag/Leaf shred/Discharge
  • Bag Standard
  • Bag capacity (bushels) 2.5
  • Blade(s) Twin blades (Microcut)
  • Blade Control Blade stop system (Roto-Stop)
  • Side/Rear Discharge Rear standard
  • Dry weight 98 lbs.
  • Operating Weight 101 lbs.
  • Residential warranty 5 years
  • Deck warranty (non-commercial) Lifetime
  • Commercial warranty 90 days


  • Engine GCV190
  • Electric Start


  • Drive Control Cruise Control
  • Transmission Hydrostatic
  • Ground speed 0 to 4.0 mph


  • Residential warranty 5 years
  • Deck warranty (non-commercial) Lifetime
  • Commercial warranty 90 days


  • Electric Starting
  • Cyclon Battery is completely rechargeable and is designed to hold its charge for a full season – up to 300 starts
  • Precision speed control: 0 – 4 mph
  • Stop the blades without stopping the engine
  • Versamow System with Clip Director – Mulch, bag, discharge, and leaf shred with no parts to lose, no tools required
  • MicroCut™ twin blade system – four cutting surfaces for finer clippings
  • Worry-free cutting deck with a lifetime warranty
  • Easy starting Honda GCV190 Engine is certified to meet 50-state EPA and CARB emission levels.
  • Honda Auto Choke™ System – easy starting
  • 5-year residential warranty
  • The Versamow System helps you to mulch or partially mulch even in severe conditions.
  • Smaller grass clippings mean you can mow 40% farther before you have to empty the bag.
  • Easy, convenient rear discharge
  • The HRX design makes leaf shredding easy.
  • 3-position EZ Fold handle for easy height adjustment and storage
  • The quick-release handle is easy to fold or adjust.
  • Large 9″ ball bearing wheels
  • 7 position cutting height adjustment (.75″ to 4″)
  • Large 2.5-bushel capacity grass bag
  • Manual fuel shut-off valve

Description of the Honda Lawn Mower HRX217HZA

Not only is it a front-wheel variable speed drive lawn mower, but it can also be used as a leaf shredder as well. It comes with a 5-year residential warranty and a 90-day warranty for commercial users. the deck is guaranteed for the lifetime of the machine as long as you own it.

Adjustment to one of seven height positions, discharge, mulch or bag your grass clippings and use the electric starter to start your lawnmower any time. It comes with an automatic choke so starting is always a breeze.

The current price and specifications are subject to change.  Check with your local dealer for the latest pricing and specifications.

For information about delivery methods for your lawnmower, accessories that you can purchase, safety rules to follow, proper operation and maintenance information, go to our page General Lawn Mower Information, to read more about these topics.

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