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Honda Lawn Mower HRX2173HYC

Honda Lawn Mower HRX2173HYCThis Honda Lawn Mower HRX2173HYC model is packed with features but there are a couple that we have not seen in other lawn mowers we have reviewed on this site that we wanted to bring to your attention.

First of all, there is the hydrostatic transmission that provides a variable speed system. There are nine preset speeds to choose from to match your walking speed and/or the thickness of the grass that you are cutting.

Then there is the four in one versatile system. You can convert within seconds from mulching to bagging, to discharge to leaf shred at your convenience. You can simultaneously distribute grass clippings to the bag and discharge.

Next is one of the few lawnmowers where you can keep the engine running and stop the blades from spinning. This is handy for emptying the bag of grass clippings without having to stop the engine.  The twin blades also cut the grass clippings into finer particles when you are in the mulching configuration. Refer to our specifications section and features section for more information as well as the dealer closest to you for more details.

We also really like the front-wheel-drive system, considering it much better than corresponding rear-wheel drive systems. Ground speed can be adjusted by adjusting the speed lever or simply by pressure on the handle such that you take some of the weight off the front wheels making the wheels slip a bit and ground speed slowing accordingly.

Honda Lawn Mower HRX2173HYC – Specifications:

  • ENGINE TYPE: 4-Stroke, OHC
  • Honda ENGINE MODEL: GCV190
  • DISPLACEMENT: 187 cc (11.4 CID)
  • IGNITION SYSTEM: Transistorized
  • STARTING SYSTEM: Recoil starter (Handle mounted)
  • AIR CLEANER: Paper cartridge
  • LUBRICATION SYSTEM: Forced splash
  • OIL CAPACITY: 0.55 L (19.4 fl. Imp. oz)
  • RECOMMENDED FUEL: Regular unleaded gasoline (87 Octane)
  • FUEL CAPACITY: 1.1 L (38.7 fl. Imp. oz)
  • FUEL CONSUMPTION (APPROXIMATE): 1.30 L/hr (0.29 Imp. gal/hr)
  • CHOKE SYSTEM: Automatic
  • TRANSMISSION: Hydrostatic
  • GROUND SPEED(S): 0 – 6.44 km/h (0 – 4.00 mph)
  • DECK SIZE: 53 cm (21 in)
  • DECK MATERIAL: NeXiteTM polymer*
  • GUARDS (MATERIAL): Optional (Stainless steel)
  • DECK TYPE (STANDARD): Rear bag, mulcher, rear discharge
  • CUTTING HEIGHT RANGE: 1.9 – 10 cm (0.75 – 4 in)
  • WHEEL SIZE: 23 cm (9 in) with deep tread
  • WHEEL MATERIAL: High-density polyethylene
  • BEARINGS WHEEL: Ball bearing on all wheels
  • GRASS BAG: Standard
  • BAG CAPACITY: 88.0 L (2.5 bushels)
  • DISCHARGE CHUTE: Rear standard
  • DRY WEIGHT: 43.5 kg (96.0 lb)
  • BLADE (S): Standard (Twin-blades)
  • BLADE CONTROL SYSTEM: Blade stop system (Roto-StopTM) standard
  • STANDARD CONFIGURATION: 4 in 1: Mulch, bag, leaf shred, discharge

Engine: This Honda lawn mower comes with a 4-Stroke, OHC, GCV190, 187 ccs (11.4 CID) engine

Propulsion: The transmission is a variable speed hydrostatic transmission

Warranty: This lawnmower from Honda comes with a warranty of 36 months for non-commercial use and 12 months for commercial use.


  • Recoil starter
  • Seven position height adjustment
  • Speed adjustment from zero to 4 miles per hour
  • Rear bag, mulch, and rear discharge

Description of the Honda Lawn Mower HRX2173HYC

One feature of the Honda Lawn Mower HRX2173HYC that we are concerned about is the rear discharge feature. Although we have not experienced this ourselves we wonder about all of the grass clippings coming out the rear and hitting our legs as we walk behind the lawnmower. Occasionally there are sharp objects as well that are propelled out the discharge and we are somewhat concerned about being hit by one of these projectiles.

We expect that most people will only use this lawnmower in the mulching mode or in the grass catcher mode. At the time of writing this post, Honda had dropped the MSRP price by $150 to enhance sales as we approach the end of the season.

The current price and specifications are subject to change and can be adjusted by the manufacturer at any time. Check with your local dealer for the latest pricing and specifications.

For information about delivery methods for your lawn mower, accessories that you can purchase, safety rules to follow, proper operation, and maintenance information, go to our page General Lawn Mower Information, to read more about these topics.

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