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Healthy Lawn Care Program

Healthy Lawn Care Program We all want to have a healthy lawn just like the one in this picture. The only way to really have one like this is to make sure that you follow a healthy lawn care program that is provided by a professional company or you do it yourself. We will cover some of the steps you can take to have a lawn like this in this post. A healthy lawn is not that difficult. All it takes is weekly care, water, fertilizer, and weed care and the majority of homeowners will have a lawn just like this. However, let’s examine these steps in more detail.

Steps to a Healthy Lawn Care Program

Fertilizer – the best fertilizer is a slow-release fertilizer applied 4 times a year. There are specific fertilizers that can be applied depending on the time of year. Spring fertilizer tends to promote the growth of your lawn while fertilizer for the fall is focused on root growth

Lime – adding lime may not be necessary. The only way to tell is to have your lawns PH tested and if the PH is low, you can add lime to bring the PH up. An indicator of low PH is when you have a lot of moss growing in various places on your lawn.

Aeration – allows the air and rainwater to penetrate deeper to provide nourishment for the roots. Always do this before adding fertilizer or top dressing.

Top Dressing and Over Seeding – If your lawn is thin in some areas, add a thin layer of top dressing soil along with lawn seed to thicken the lawn and provide fresh growth. Be sure to water your lawn to promote growth.


Your lawn should be mowed often taking off no more than 1/3  of the lawn growth. Mulching your grass returns nitrogen to the lawn and reduces the garbage that you must put out each week.

Watering – water in the morning to minimize evaporation and prevent disease growth from the grass being wet overnight. Also, water so that your lawn gets a deep watering to promote deeper roots vs. watering often which will promote surface root growth.

Variety – plant grass that is suitable for your location and climate. A variety of grasses will be better able to withstand shady and sunny areas as well as temperature swings

Manage Pests – chinch bugs are the scourge of many lawn growers. They attack the roots and make your lawn more susceptible to dry periods. Water more often, let the grass grow longer, and overseed when the grass becomes thinner.


Skunks and raccoons love grubs in your lawn and they will dig up your lawn making a terrible mess to get to them. Apply pesticides to control the grubs and avoid this problem. In some areas, pesticides are banned. The best approach is to keep your lawn healthy, water lots, overseed, and apply Nematodes. Nematodes are actually bugs that attack and kill grubs. They are best applied in June and July when the ground temperature is above 14 degrees Celsius. The best time to apply them is when it is raining so that they are washed into the soil. Ultraviolet rays from the sun will kill them.

A Healthy Lawn care program Increases your Homes Value

Consumers will have healthy lawns if they follow all of these steps which can easily be done by most. There are lawn care services available from local companies that will routinely fertilize your lawn and apply pesticides to control your lawns weeds and pests.

It is also better to mulch your lawn’s grass and to cut your grass often. It is easier to cut your grass if you do it more often and less harmful to the grass of the lawn. Many lawn owners will let their grass grow long and then cut it. They end up with long grass that must be raked and bagged and the grass may even go into shock when it is cut after being so long.

During dry periods either water a lot at one time or not at all. Your lawn will suffer if you do not water, however, it will go into a dormant state and rejuvenate itself once it rains again. During this time it is much more susceptible to weeds and pests taking over. Weeds seem to be able to grow in any condition even in very dry weather conditions. Enjoy your lawn and take care of it.

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  1. basically I am too lazy to do all of this. from a distance my lawn looks green which is actually a combination of grass and weeds. my neighbors are upset, however i cannot be bothered doing all of this work and spending the money as well.

  2. I am seriously thinking about a lawn care program . Mh lawn has grubs in it and I need to kill them before more damage is done

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