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General Lawn Mower Information

General Lawn Mower InformationThis is a General Lawn Mower Information post about lawn mower delivery, safety, operation and maintenance issues. Be sure to always read your lawn mowers manual before operating for the first time. Become familiar with all of the features and the safety issues while operating your lawn mower. If you plan to do your own maintenance, the manual will provide lot’s of tips about this aspect. Make sure that the lawn mower is turned off and that the spark plug wire is disconnected so that there is no danger of the mower starting accidentally.

General Lawn Mower Information

Delivery: Most lawn mowers can be picked up in the store, however if you do not have the means to take it home yourself, delivery usually can be arranged for a delivery charge. Depending on the size of the lawn mower, than handles can be folded down allowing the lawn mower to be placed in your trunk. You may want to consider borrowing a trailer or a van to bring home your lawn mower and avoid the delivery charge. Some vendors such as Home Depot, Lowes and others will rent a van to you by the hour to transport items purchased at their stores. The rates are quite reasonable.

Lawn Mower Safety & Operation

All lawn mowers should be treated with respect. They are powerful machines and in the wrong hands can do a lot of damage. Start by reading the manual and following all of the safety guidelines outlined in the manual. Never work on the lawn mower without first ensuring that the engine is turned off and the spark plug wire is disconnected.

While cutting the lawn and using the side discharge, never allow anyone to stand beside the discharge or point the discharge at something that could be damaged by high speed flying objects  ejected from the lawn mower.

Always check the engine to make sure that there is sufficient oil in the engine before starting each day. Top up if necessary.  Fill the fuel tank while the engine is cool. A good time to do this is before you start cutting the lawn. Fuel spills can sometimes cause fires. If you do spill any fuel, wait until it evaporates prior to starting the engine to avoid any chance of fire. Always fill the fuel tank outdoors. Even the fumes can be dangerous. Never smoke around a lawn mower especially if you are filling it with gasoline. The fumes can suddenly ignite causing severe burns and worse.

Shut the engine off before removing the rear bag to empty it of grass or making any other kind of adjustments to the lawn mower.

Lawn Mower Maintenance:

Maintenance of the lawn mower  is pretty straight forward. Read the guidelines in the manual and follow them.  Arrange to have your engine tuned up once a year and the oil changed at the same time. This applies to most consumer applications where you are cutting your lawn once a week. If you are using the lawn mower for commercial applications you may need to change the oil more often.

Keep the housing free of debris to avoid the acid from the grass causing the housing to deteriorate. Also keep grass from building up around the muffler to avoid the possibility of fire. This actually happened to our lawn mower when I was not paying attention.

Check the spark plug to ensure that it is not corroded and dirty. Replace if it is pitted. Check the gap to make sure it is set to the proper specification. Always use clean fresh gasoline for your lawn mower. Following these tips and others in the manual will ensure that your lawn mower will last for many years.

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  1. this is a great site to use as a resource site on lawn mowers. Wish it was here when my husband bought our last lawn mower. he might have got a better one instead of the lemon that we ended up with.

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