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Craftsman Rear Bag 38902

The Craftsman rear bag push lawn mower with a high rear wheel is another member of the famous high quality Craftsman family. This lawn mower is the push type with a rear bag to catch the grass and large rear wheels to support the extra weight and Craftsman Rear Bag 38902make maneuverability easier. Large rear wheels really make a difference with rear bag grass catchers.  This Craftsman push rear bag lawn mower also has a side discharge allowing the lawn mower to be converted to a side discharge for  grass clippings. It only takes a few minutes to make the change.

The Craftsman push rear bag lawn mower can be picked up at your local Sears store or you can arrange for it to me delivered. Cost of shipping is extra. You can also  order the Craftsman push rear bag lawn mower on line.

Craftsman Rear Bag 38902 – Specifications

  • 21 ” 3 in 1 bag for mulch and side discharge deck
  • 12 ” rear wheels
  • 21″ deck cut width


  • Cutting modes include mulch, bag and discharge options
  • Briggs and Stratton engine
  • Push type lawn mower
  • Fully assembled when delivered or picked up
  • Warranty – 2 year general warranty

Price & Delivery

At time of writing this Craftsman push rear bag lawn mower was on sale for $239.88 while quantities lasted. Delivery can be arranged and you can order the lawn mower online. There is even a calculator to help you figure out what the shipping charges will be for delivery.  The web site will also provide anticipated shipping and delivery dates. The Craftsman push rear bag lawn mower comes assembled. All you need to do is check the oil level and add fuel.


At the time of writing this Craftsman push rear bag lawn mower had 31 reviews with an average rating of 3.5 stars out of 5. You have to give credit to Sears. They stand behind their products and are not afraid to take criticism. Gives them real customer feedback and identifies problems which they can focus on and deal with. Not all lawn mower sales companies do this. Hats off to Sears.

Several of the reviews that were negative talked about too much plastic, difficulty with the wheel height adjusters and one review had a starting problem which the company was having difficulty fixing. It was under warranty and there was no problem with getting repairs, the lawn mower was just not being fixed properly.

Overall the reviews were very positive so it looks like this lawn mower is a great lawn mower to consider for cutting your lawn. Feel free to add you own comments to this post.

Safety & Operation

The Craftsman push rear bag lawn mower has the standard rear start controls and lever that must be held down in order to keep the engine running. This lever is there for a reason. It prevents the operator from working on the engine or clearing grass or removing the rear bag while the engine is still running. Never try to circumvent this basic safety feature.

Operation is a simple pull the lever towards you, pull the start chord to start. There is no electric start on this lawn mower. If you plan to use the side discharge always operate the lawn mower in a safe manner. Avoid aiming the discharge at other people, buildings or cars. Sharp objects may be expelled from time to time potentially causing harm to the object they hit.

Prior to starting each day check the Craftsman push rear bag lawn mower for loose bolts, loose hardware and ensure that the rear bag is securely attached. Check the engine oil level to ensure there is sufficient oil in the engine in case there are leaks of some kind.

Craftsman Rear Bag – Maintenance

Maintenance of the Craftsman push rear bag lawn mower is pretty straight forward. Always use fresh fuel and if the Craftsman push rear bag lawn mower will not be used for several months consult the manual to determine the best approach. Some recommend draining the fuel tank while others will suggest adding fuel additives to preserve the fuel.

The oil should be changed on a regular basis on the Craftsman push rear bag lawn mower. Consult the manual for instructions regarding how often and how to go about changing the oil. At minimum change the oil in the Craftsman push rear bag lawn mower at least annually.

Maintenance of the lawn mower is pretty simple. However not everyone is comfortable in performing even basic maintenance like oil changes. Consumers should take their lawn mower into a Sears / Craftsmen recognized maintenance facility to have their lawn mower maintained while under warranty. You may also want to get to know your local small engine mechanic. He may obtain better prices and advice.

I look after my own Craftsmen lawn mower. However I have benefited from talking to a local small engine repair shop several times when I needed help with what I thought was a tricky repair. I have always purchased the parts I needed from him, even if they were a bit more expensive. The assistance I received more than offset the extra few dollars it cost me to purchase parts from his shop.

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