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CRAFTSMAN MD Three-in-one 22 Front-wheel Drive Gas Mower

The CRAFTSMAN MD Three-in-one 22 Front wheel Drive Gas Mower comes with a powerful 190cc Briggs & Stratton engine delivering 6.5 foot / pounds of torque, powerful enough to drive the front wheel drive system at one of CRAFTSMAN MD Three in one 22 Front wheel Drive Gas Mowernine height positions. This lawn mower comes with a 3 in 1 deck system that mulches, bags your grass clippings or discharges the clippings onto the grass from the side discharge.

Cut your grass to look like a golf course or leave it longer during the hot dry summer days. With 9 positions in height, you have a wide selection to set your lawn mower at just the right height.  The mulch kit is included with this lawn mower as is the rear bag grass catcher. The handles also fold away to make storage and transportation easier. A bottle of oil is included which you will need to add before you start the engine for the first time. Follow the manufacturer’s directions for adding the correct amount of oil. Over filling with oil can damage your engine and also void the warranty.

CRAFTSMAN MD Three-in-one 22 Front wheel Drive Gas Mower – Specifications:

  • powered by 190 cc Briggs & Stratton Quantum engine with MRS to deliver 6.5 ft./lb. of torque
  • 3-in-1 deck mulches, bags or discharges clippings
  • 9-position height adjustment mowing deck

Engine: 190 cc Briggs & Stratton Quantum engine with MRS to deliver 6.5 ft./lb. of torque

Propulsion: dual drive control triggers

Warranty: 2-year warranty


  • platinum spark plug ignites at a lower RPM
  • dual drive control triggers
  • installed mulch kit
  • E-Z Empty Dust Blocker grass bag included
  • foldable handles
  • oil bottle included

Description of the CRAFTSMAN MD Three-in-one 22 Front wheel Drive Gas Mower

This lawn mower comes with a 2 year warranty for consumer applications. If you are using this lawn mower for commercial applications you should discuss the warranty with the dealer prior to purchase.

Foldable handles also provide a great deal of flexibility as well as convenience for storage as well as transportation. If you have limited space in which to store the lawn mower during winter months, fold the handles down and put it in a corner of the garage or up on a large shelf. Also if you need to transport the lawn mower for repairs it is much easier to get it in the trunk of your car with the handles folded down.

The installed mulch kit and grass bag are included with the  CRAFTSMAN MD Three-in-one 22 Front wheel Drive Gas Mower, giving you the choice of mulching your grass, bagging it or just using the side discharge to leave the grass clippings on the lawn.

With the dual drive control triggers this craftsman lawn mower is easy to drive and steer around shrubs and other landscaping that may be in your yard.

Delivery: All lawn mowers can be picked up at the store or dealer you purchased the lawn mower from. For an additional fee, most will also deliver the lawn mower to you at your home.

Safety & Operation

All motorized equipment should be treated with respect and care. Start by reading all of the safety and operating guidelines outlined in the manual that comes with the CRAFTSMAN MD Three-in-one 22 Front wheel Drive Gas Mower. Follow these guidelines carefully and you should not have any problems with operating the lawn mower.

Always check the engine to make sure that there is sufficient oil in the engine before starting each day. Top up if necessary.  Fill the fuel tank while the engine is cool. A good time to do this is before you start cutting the lawn. Spilled fuel can sometimes cause fires. If you do spill any fuel, wait until it evaporates prior to starting the engine to avoid any chance of fire. Always fill the fuel tank outdoors.

When using the side discharge, never allow anyone to stand in front of the discharge unit to avoid being hit by any debris. Shut the engine off before removing the rear bag to empty it of grass or making any other kind of adjustments to the lawn mower.


Maintenance of the CRAFTSMAN MD Three-in-one 22 Front wheel Drive Gas Mower is pretty straight forward. Read the guidelines in the manual and follow them.  Arrange to have your engine tuned up once a year and the oil changed at the same time. This applies to most consumer applications where you are cutting your lawn once a week. If you are using the lawn mower for commercial applications you may need to change the oil more often.

Keep the housing free of debris to avoid the acid from the grass causing the housing to deteriorate. Also keep grass from building up around the muffler to avoid the possibility of fire. Check the spark plug to ensure that it is not corroded and dirty. Replace if it is pitted. Always use clean fresh gasoline for your lawn mower. Following these tips and others in the manual will ensure that your lawn mower will last for many years.

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