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What Basic Lawn Mower maintenance Should I Do

Lawn Mower Annual Spring Maintenance TipsTaking care of your lawn mower will lengthen it’s life as well as eliminate many time-consuming problems. The manufactures maintenance manual for your lawn mower is the best guide. Always check the oil level in your lawn mowers engine before starting it. use the proper engine oil and change the oil at least once a year in the spring before the season begins.

Mow at the proper cutting height for your lawn. Adjust a reel lawn mower by raising or lowering the rollers by the knobs or screws in each end. Measure the distance between the bed knife and a hard surface to check the cutting height.

Adjust a rotary lawn mower by raising or lowering the wheels. Some rotary mower blades are at the same level as the skirt so check the cutting height by measuring the height of the skirt above a hard surface. You can always determine the cutting level by cutting a small section of lawn and measuring the height with a ruler.

Basic Lawn Mower Maintenance

Keep the lawn more blades sharp. The blades of rotary lawn mower are easy to sharpen at home. Only a small portion at the end of the blade actually cuts the grass. Sharpen the edge with a file or grind stone, making sure to even out any rough spots.

Check the balance before remounting. Because of their position, blades of reel lawn mower are tricky to sharpen at home. Take any lawn mower to a shop if you have doubts about sharpening it’s blades.

Remember that every lawn mower has other maintenance needs to keep it in working order. Be sure the motor oil is at the proper level. Clean the lawn mower blades after use with a soft spray of water. Forceful cleaning with water or air can push dirt into delicate bearings.

Do not spray water on hot engines. Keep gaskets and fittings tight; gas or oil leaks kill the grass. If you store your lawn mower in the winter, clean and drain the gas tank. In the spring, change the oil, clean the spark plug, and refill the gas tank.

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