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Avoid Bagging Grass Clippings

Avoid Bagging Grass ClippingsMost home owners are worried about grass clippings on their lawns because they are afraid that they will clog the grass and prevent growth. They are also concerned about the build up of thatch which may need to be removed at some point. The answer is that you can avoid bagging grass clippings if you follow a few simple rules. In fact, you will be helping your grass a great deal. Since the grass clippings will add fertilizer back into the lawn contributing as much as 30% of the nutrient value that your lawn will need. If you avoid bagging grass clippings, you really save yourself some work. Also the hassle of disposing of the grass clippings.

We used to bag the grass and used a grass catcher on our lawn mower. My kids still complain about the lawn mower. The heavy bags and the mess of grass that we needed to put out for the city to pick up every week. We use a mulching lawn mower now that is also self-propelled. It is much less work even if I need to cut the grass more often.

Avoid Bagging Grass Clippings – Rules

Lawn Mower Blade must be Sharp – make sure your blade is sharp so that it cuts the grass rather than rips the grass leaving jagged edges.

Mulching Lawn Mower – a blade for this type of lawnmower, if it is sharp will cut the blades of grass into smaller pieces and will enhance the decomposition process.

Cut the Grass Often – Avoid allowing your grass to grow too long. Which in turn makes it more difficult to cut the grass and leaves clumps of cut grass. Cut your grass when it has grown an inch.

Grass Needs to be Dry – Only cut the grass when it is dry. Your mulching lawn mower will do a much better job of cutting the clippings into very small pieces. Which will enhance the decomposition of the grass?

Yes, you will cut your grass more often. But there is no comparison to bagging and disposing of the grass clippings. It is much easier to just cut the grass and let nature do the rest.

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