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Craftsman Lawn Mower Review
2010/01/02 Craftsman
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Craftsman Lawn Mower ReviewWe have had a craftsman lawn mower for over 30 years, in fact it is the same mower and if that is not a testimonial to a product I do not know what is. I have only had to change the spark plug twice, clean and maintain the  carburetor twice and changed the oil every year. In fact it still does not burn oil but it is a bit black each year when I change it. We use the craftsman lawn mower every week from spring to fall.

The craftsman lawn mower model that we have is a rear bagger with the large wheels at the back to support the heavier weight of a bag full of grass.  I much prefer this type due the natural balance a full bag of grass on the back provides coupled with the larger wheels. These wheels are approximately 8 inch radius wheels. This type is a push mower with a 1.5 hp Briggs and Stratton engine. It is a two speed engine with a governor that increases the power as the load increases.

We still have the original wheels and bearings, although one of the axles is about to fall off. The weld were it joins the frame is getting a bit week, so I expect it will need repair next year. Not a major thing when you consider the age of this lawn mower. I did have to replace push bar after it broke at it’s weakest point.

Craftsman Lawn Mower Review – Parts

An important point about repairs for a craftsman lawn mower is that most parts are easily obtained either new or from older machines. In my case I went to our local small engine mechanic and I was able to find a new handle of a newer machine that someone had not bothered to maintain. He charged me $10 for the part and it worked perfectly. Pretty good deal vs. buying a new lawn mower. Lawn mowers are pretty straight forward and craftsman lawn mowers are no different. If you are at all hand with tools , most consumers can do the repairs themselves as long as they follow a few simple guidelines.

Whenever you fill the craftsman lawn mower with gas, turn it off first and be careful not to spill gasoline anywhere. If you do, wait till it evaporates before you start it again to avoid any possibility of fire.

Change the Oil

Changing the oil and sharpening the lawn mower blade require you to get underneath the lawn mower with your hands. Always disconnect the spark plug wire before doing any kind of work to avoid any serious accidents. If you follow these basic guidelines , most people will avoid any major accidents.

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The craftsman lawn mower brand is one of the best. Some people may feel they are a bit more expensive, however based on the length of time I have had mine, I would have to say the extra money is worth it. Of course the new machines come with more safety features and these are important and should not be altered. For example you must hold a dead man bar down to the push handle to keep the engine going. This is done for a reason and that is to avoid any possibility of someone sticking their hands in the wrong place while the engine is running.

Selecting a Craftsman Lawn Mower

So how does one select one lawn mower over another? Of course you can compare all of the features and specifications. Horsepower, side or back discharge, mulching capability, height adjusters, grass catchers, folding handles, choke less engines  etc etc. Craftsman lawn mowers have all of these features, so what do you look at when making a purchase of a lawn mower?

Compare price, warranty, repair facilities and parts availability. Most of all compare reputation and feedback from friends and neighbors and articles and blogs such as this. You will get the best feedback from these people and help you avoid some of the less desired lawn mowers.

Craftsman lawn mowers excel in all of these areas.  Prices range from just over $100 to several hundred depending on power and features that you look for. A small lawn that you cut often does not need a large lawnmower. On the other hand a large lawn with several rolling grades may need a self propelled craftsman lawn mower with a mulching capability so you do not have to bag  and dispose of lots of grass.

Variety of Lawn Mowers

Craftsman does have a large variety of lawn mowers to choose from, including push reel mowers without power, electric mowers, small gas mowers, mid range and larger machines that can run you as much as $1300 or more. Of course you can also purchase craftsman lawn mowers that are in the category of tractor mowers. Anyone with a large lawn of more than half an acre should consider one of these unless you are looking for lots of exercise, which is not a bad thing either.

Don’t forget the storage requirements of these larger craftsman lawn mowers. You will need a large shed to protect your investment as well.

Finally, change the oil every year, sharpen the lawn mower blade at the same time and keep up with all other maintenance requirements as they arise and you will have your craftsman lawn mower around for a long time.

Feel free to post any blog comments on this article and let us know what you think of your craftsman lawn mower!

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